BUBA unavailable


it seems that data from Bundesbank cannot be fetched currently. Other providers work without any problems.
Also, it seems that all ‘BBK01’ Bundesbank series are not working at all.


On my side, it seems to work: I can open BUBA/BBK01 | DBnomics and some series (BUBA/BBK01/AU1714 | DBnomics or BUBA/BBK01/AU1715 | DBnomics), and open the API link also (https://api.db.nomics.world/v22/series/BUBA/BBK01?observations=1)

I did the same for other random datasets (BUBA/BBTHB | DBnomics and BUBA/BBEX3 | DBnomics for example).

Would you please accept sharing a more specific example showing the issue?

Or maybe the problem was solved (just by downloading new data) since your last message?

Could you try upgrading the DBnomics Python module to the version 1.2.3 (cf DBnomics · PyPI)?

The new release 1.2.3 fixed a bug when a series has no dimensions (cf CHANGELOG.md · master · dbnomics / dbnomics-python-client · GitLab).


thank you, upgrading did the trick!