Data released for Germany last week, but not available in DBNomics yet


Would you mind advising me when / how frequently do you update your data in DBNomics and when is the next data update for Germany scheduled?

I’ve noticed that, for example, has data only until Jan-2020, while it is already available for Feb-2020 on

Thank you for your time!


Hi Aiste,

Our scrapping scripts run generally on a daily basis.
For BUBA provider, I noticed that latest release (with Feb-2020 data) of BBDE1 dataset has been successfully retrieved on our server but still in the queue to be processed et displayed online.
It’s a matter of (processing) hours.

If the update is not fixed in a few days, please call us again.

Thanks for your interest in DBnomics !

Pierre, DBnomics team


Thank you very much for your clear and quick response!

Have a great day,

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Hi @snaiste, the series you were looking for has been updated on April 17th on DBnomics, just the day after your message.

Just a question : is it a problem to have it one day after the official release ? I am not saying we can update it more frequently easily, but opinion of DBnomics users is always useful!

Hi @thomasbrand,

I just wanted to say that Germany’s data seems to have been loaded to DBNomics on time this month, so maybe it was just a one-off delay last month.

Thank you.


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