How do I see the actual datapoint available, I don't know what is available

Is this website designed to be more petrushka dolls data hoarding that gives you microscopic datasets, nested inside highly specific and essentially boil the ocean of nano data sets?

So I’m wanting to download some data but it seems there isn’t a list of “data we have”, instead I get “search for the data you want” and I enter pork stock pricing and get snippets of “Australian or Austrian stock market data from 2011” which isn’t helpful because 80% of the fields are empty. Then I look up global pork price and get the same. I have no idea what data is available and usually you can run a series call on a topic, a type or a class of data, but its hidden behind searches of searches of tribal knowledge.

So I look up “economic data” and get results of " OECD ADIMA 500 Google Trends Monitor" which is useless unless you know what OECD ADIMA.

Then I searched for “inflation” and get “1801 to 2022 Inflation” data which is great until I load it and its all blank data until 1995 to 2022… so whats the point in saying 1801?

Then search for “stock prices” and get " Annual – Bulgaria – Bulgarian Stock Exchange" and get an empty dataset with NULL values so whats the point in giving that as a search if the data set “only has null values”

Then I went into search for power generation and got dozens of links that makes me think this is more of a “I have unverified and random government or misc study data to hoard” website rather than anything that is organized or usable for research.

The data are organized by original providers. If you want to browse what is available you need to proceed by provider, then categories that are offered by a given provider, then datasets, then time series.
The graph above each time series gives you an idea of available observations.

To better understand what a given time series represents, you often have to go to the website of the original provider.