Various Comments on Website/Python API

These are a few issues I ran into.

(1) When I accessed the site with Microsoft Edge (44.17763.1.0), the filters for selecting series were not working (e.g., only look at quarterly series). This made searching for series difficult. The workaround was to install another browser (Chrome), where the filters worked. Since this was on a brand new computer, I should not have made any unusual settings on Edge.

(2) I have not run into this issue recently, but some data tables had a large number of empty series. It would be useful to have a filter to exclude such series. (I think it was Eurostat employment data for Ireland, but I cannot remember.)

(3) For the Python API, the fetch_series() returns β€œNA” instead of the numpy.nan (NaN) within the time series. This breaks standard plotting code. Since I am wrapping the call to fetch_series, this is not a concern for me, but adding an option to return NaN might be useful.

Otherwise, the interface is easy to work with. Great job, thanks!

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Dear Brian,

Thank you for your feedback, the problems will be addressed as soon as possible. Please follow their resolution on the following issue tickets:


Best regards,

Johan Richer
DBnomics Team