IMF BoP data, scale missing

There’s an oddity with IMF Balance of Payments data. See for example
IMF/BOP/A.FR.BACK_BP6_USD. The unit is just given as “US Dollars” but the values clearly are not plain dollars, and if you visit the IMF’s own Data Mapper you can find out that they are in millions. There’s nothing in the JSON from db.nomics that conveys that information.

Hello @acottrell,

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

We may have skipped some meta-data in the data conversion stage.

We’re going to investigate and keep you in touch.

Hi @acottrell

I’m looking to this problem, but I’m a little lost in IMF data browser. Can you give a link to this dataset on IMF Data Mapper ?


It’s easy to get lost in the IMF data browser! And I have not found the exact page I visited earlier.
But if you try, for example, , you get
similar BOP/IIP data, with a correct indication of the unit of measurement, namely “Millions of US Dollars”.

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