Problem with 2016 and 2017 data for Caymon Isalnds in the IMF BoP

I encountered a small problem when dowloading an annual IMF BoP dataset via the R plugin. When loading rdb(‘IMF’, ‘BOP’, mask = paste0(‘A…’,‘ILPDCB_BP6_USD’)) the observations for Cayman Islands (!) are messed up. The period is “2016-01-01,2017-01-01” and no value is shown (despite there being non-missing values in the original dataset). This happens with other codes as well (ILPDDC_BP6_USD, ILPDG_BP6_USD, ILPDO_BP6_USD).

Indeed, when we do rdb('IMF/BOP/A.KY.ILPDCB_BP6_USD') we obtain a data frame with two values in the same cell (and two periods in the same cell too). We will investigate the problem and come back to you.


Thanks for your message.

It was a bug in a non-exported function in the R plugin. I corrected it and now the four series you mentioned work !
The updated R package is on github and gitlab. I will publish it to CRAN tonight.

Meanwhile, if you need a Windows binary of the package for any version of R, tell me and I will send it to you.