IMF WEO - latest

I read here that to get the latest IMF WEO release automatically, I can use the WEO:latest code.

For example, if I open this url:
as expectet, I get redirected to

The issue is that in python the following command works:
df = fetch_series(‘IMF/WEO:2023-04/NZL.LP.persons’)

but this one doesn’t:
df = fetch_series(‘IMF/WEO:latest/NZL.LP.persons’)

What am I missing? Thanks

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Thanks for reaching us about this issue.

Indeed there was a regression in the Python client of the DBnomics API:
HTTP redirects were no more followed.

This was fixed in this commit: Follow redirects (for dataset "latest" releases) (093c58b3) · Commits · dbnomics / dbnomics-python-client · GitLab

The release 1.2.5 of dbnomics · PyPI includes that fix. You can upgrade it.

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