IMF WEO metadata latest nonforecast value


Is there a way to get the latest actual value for IMF WEO values?

I am looking for inflation but would like to distinguish between real and forecasted values.



What do you call an “actual value”?

The dataset IMF/WEO:2022-10 | DBnomics corresponds to the latest release of WEO of october 2022, which is the latest one.

Some observations of the time series are enriched with attributes by data providers.
For now they are not visible on the website, and neither added to the dataframe of the Python module, but they are returned by the API in the JSON response when opening the API link.

Could you provide a specific example with the series ID to see if series attributes solve your issue?

The IMF fetcher has been broken since 2022-12-09, I fixed it and ran it again yesterday. Data is still downloading at the time I write this message.

Maybe after it’s completed you’ll find the updated data you were asking for.

I fixed WEO:2022-10 and WEOAGG:2022-10 datasets, data is now up-to-date.

Cf IMF/WEO:2022-10 | DBnomics and IMF/WEOAGG:2022-10 | DBnomics