IMF/WEO, subjects LP, LE?

Back in February one could get Employment and Population numbers per country under IMF/WEO, using “weo-subject” identifiers “LE” and “LP” respectively. Now no matches are found for such requests. Has the IMF discontinued those series, or can they be found somewhere else in the IMF collection?

In April, IMF published only a subset of WEO series. For now, you can retrieve only the latest version of the WEO dataset through DBnomics API. But we are working on merging the latest two versions of the WEO.

OK, thanks for the quick reply!

We merged the last two WEO datasets, you can access it now on DBnomics.

Thanks, @thomasbrand. But it seems I’m missing something. The following request (an example of something that worked earlier this year) doesn’t give me any results:{“weo-subject”:[“LP”,“LE”],“weo-country”:[“FRA”,“DEU”,“ITA”]}

Hi, actually the problem comes from the IMF source data not DBnomics. Their data from april 2020, namely WEOApr2020all.xls, are incomplete. By comparing with the previous file WEOOct2019all.xls, you can see that the data you want are missing in the file WEOApr2020all.xls.

OK, thanks. I understand there’s nothing dbnomics can do if a provider stops providing certain data!