ISTAT data problem

It’s good to see ISTAT included as a provider, but there’s something odd about
their time series: they’re not in time-order. For example, take the retail sales series
ISTAT/120_337/M.RTD_TURN3.1.TOTAL.N.1.IT. The monthly “period” array in the
JSON starts like this:

"period" : [

And other years are the same: January, October, …! This places a rather
awkward burden on clients (to get the data into the right order), which we haven’t
seen for any other providers.

Hello @acottrell

Indeed, that’s a mistake in our “fetcher” for ISTAT.

We’re going to fix that.

Thanks for the report!

Please see this issue to follow the resolution of this problem.

Just for your information, this has been fixed. See

@cbenz: Thanks, that’s good to hear.