ISTAT not updated


I’am starting to work on Italy. I was glad to see that Istat data was available on Dbnomics and I was really happy! However, that data has not been updated since June 2019. Is there a particular problem with Istat?

I think some problems may be explained by the change in base-year from national accounts.

Do you think new data from Istat will be available on Dbnomics?

Thank you very much for all the job done.


Hello Raul,

indeed, istat is a provider that is very difficult to fetch because of technical reasons. We have to work on that, and until now nobody did ask us specifically, so it was not top priority.

istat does not distribute static files (e.g. ZIP files with XML or CSV files) so we need to fetch data via their HTTP API which is itself very slow after some usage, as if there was a bandwidth protection, which I would totally understand, but is not documented.

We’ll keep you informed here, maybe in the next weeks we’ll adress this problem again.

Anyway if automatic data fetching is not feasible, we’ll try to do a one-shot data update.



Hi @cbenz,

I hope you’re well! Thank you very much for all your work on this.

I was also planning to start working on Italy’s data analysis, is there any chance you could advise me if there are plans to update this dataset?

Have a great day!


The data from ISTAT are very difficult to download because they throttle down the speed of download if you want massive amount of data. We are working on this problem.

Hi @thomasbrand,

Thank you very much for this!