Julia client available

Hi DBnomics users !

For those who program in Julia, a client is now available at my github repo : https://github.com/s915/DBnomics.jl. This package is validated so it is a “registered” package. DBnomics.jl works for Julia versions greater than 0.6.4. For versions 0.7 and 1, the package can be easily installed with “add DBnomics”.
You’ll find a lot of examples and descriptions (proxy configuration, transformation into a time series) on the README of the github page.
4 functions are exported : rdb(…), rdb_by_api_link(…), rdb_providers(…) and rdb_last_updates(…). Use help (like ?rdb) for more information about the functions.
The package is largely inspired by the R client which I also maintain :blush:.

Don’t hesitate to post an issue on the github page if you feel the need :wink:.

Sébastien GALAIS (@s915)