Missing a vast chunk of MONTHLY frequency series on the IMF Consumer Price Index database (CPI) [CPI]


First: thank you for developing this fantastic tool called dbnomics!

I noticed that within the last couple of months, a very large chunk of the MONTHLY frequency series on the IMF Consumer Price Index (CPI) [CPI*] have ‘disappeared’…

…Are the above missing series discontinued at the source? or is there a problem with dbnomics fetchers? or?

Would be great to know the answer to this if anyone can follow up.

*Note: To be precise : https://db.nomics.world/IMF/CPI

Hello @Nicolas_Bourbaki,

Thanks for noticing this issue. We are currently looking at it (Some IMF datasets contain no data (#967) · Issues · dbnomics-fetchers / management · GitLab) and will come back to you when it is solved.

Have a good day,


Thank you enzo
Looks like things got worse since my original query…, the entire IMF CPI dataset is down-and-out (empty) via DBnomics. The last IMF database maintenance-update did something your fetcher did not like. IMF is ‘correctly’ serving all the data via http://dataservices.imf.org/REST/SDMX_JSON.svc/CompactData/
Please let us know when/if the issue gets resolved.

Hello @Nicolas_Bourbaki ,

We are aware of this problem and are working on it.

The link that you sent me is ‘not found’. Can you send me the correct one?

Thank you,


Hello @Nicolas_Bourbaki,

IMF/CPI dataset has been fixed !

Thanks for using DBnomics :slight_smile: