Problem with IFS series


I am working with the IMF-IFS database and there sems to be a problem with one of the series.

When, for example, i use Q.CN.FILR_PA (for China, to pick a random country), DBnomics downloads the series and everything works fine. This series was updated on the 8th of February.

Instead, with Q.MX.FIMM_PA (or any other country), DBnomics downloads an empty 0x1 series. In the website, the decimal separator is “-” instead of “.”, perhaps that is the problem. This series was updated on the 2nd of February.

Can you please have a look at it? Thank you and have a nice day!

During the 8th February fetch, the FIMM series were not downloaded (I believe because the IMF server returned empty series).

Lauching the fetcher once again “solved” the problem. But I don’t know the reason why the IMF server sometimes returns empty series…