OECD datasets some are not reachable

OECD’s FDI_CTRY_IND_SUMM is not reachable?
And a few more datasets:

Using following script:

df = fetch_series(
max_nb_series = 10000000


Hi and welcome to the DBnomics community!

The Web API of DBnomics is not dimensioned to allow downloading whole datasets.

If you open the link https://api.db.nomics.world/v22/series/OECD/FDI_CTRY_IND_SUMM?observations=0&offset=101000 you will see an error message:

‘offset’ parameter is too high. This endpoint is not meant to be used to download a whole dataset. Please refine the search criteria (i.e. the dimensions).

This means that users are expected to add search filters to narrow the number of results. To prevent the infrastructure from suffering too much from those expensive calls, we added a maximum value for the offset parameter, which triggered the errors you received.

If you need to replicate some providers or datasets for your project, I would be pleased to know more about your needs and find the best way to address them.