Unable to find dataset SCB/Ensamkommande

I believe there is a typo in the dataset name “EnsamkommandeN” for the provider SCB.

Error: NOT FOUND - SCB/EnsamkommandeN

“_meta”: {
“args”: {
“limit”: 1,
“offset”: 533
“version”: “22.1.5”
“message”: “Could not load “dataset.json” for dataset “SCB/EnsamkommandeN””

I’m not sure to understand: DBnomics downloads SCB data as-is.

That dataset is available: SCB/Ensamkommande | DBnomics

Do you suggest that it should be spelled as “EnsamkommandeN”?

Hi Christophe,

When I requested the datasets for this provider I received “EnsamkommandeN” as the name of the dataset. When i tried to retrieve data for this dataset (“EnsamkommandeN”) I recieved the error message above.

I think this issue has resolved itself.

All right, thanks for giving this precision :slight_smile: