DESTATIS/45213BM003' not found


I hope you’re all well.

I was using quite a few time series from DESTATIS/45213BM003 dataset, but they somehow dissapeared. For example:

says: ‘Dataset ‘DESTATIS/45213BM003’ not found’

Is this a temporary issue or a permanent change?

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi Aiste,
Could you please give us the url of the dataset on DESTATIS website ?

Hi @thomasbrand,

I’m really sorry, I’ve just noticed your reply to my message today!

I’m not sure if I’m correct, but it seems to me that all 45213BM003 datasets dissapeared from DBNomics. Then, as you’ve suggested, I’ve checked DESTATIS and I think this should be the table for the time-series code that I added to my first message: But for some reason, it seems that only yearly data is now available on DESTATIS webpage, while I was using monthly data (maybe that’s the reason it dissapeared from DBNomics?).

Looking for more info, I found that this exists: This seems to have the detaset that I was previously retrieving from DBNomics.

In summary, I think I can no longer find these datasets:

Unless they were somehow renamed.

To be honest, I managed to get my report without these specific datasets and, therefore, I’m no longer affected by this. But perhaps this is worth investigating in the future.

Thank you very much for your time looking into this!

Have a great day,