Problem with an API link

This is happening with several series from ECB/GST: the one I’m posting now is just an example.

If you navigate to the series


and ask for the API link, you get the following URL:

which looks correct, but results in an “internal server error”. Weirdly enough, CSV and XSLX exports work ok.

Here’s a similar but slightly different issue with IMF/IFS. On navigating via the next.nomics web interface to IMF/IFS/M.BR.AIPMA_IX one finds “Monthly – Brazil – Economic Activity, Industrial Production, Manufacturing, Index” but “View chart” doesn’t show anything. The API link gives

Calling the link, one gets JSON that includes


but also the warning

“Could not find TSV file corresponding to series (‘IMF’, ‘IFS’, ‘M.BR.AIPMA_IX’)”

and no actual data.

Hi @jacklucchetti,

Thanks for your feedback (and sorry for the delay)!

I created the issue #268 from your message.

I fixed the problem: now you can export data in JSON (i.e. the link you supplied works now).


Hi @acottrell,

You’re right, there is currently a problem with IMF. I’m going to work on this fetcher this iteration (cf the issue board, “current iteration” column).

I confirm that there is a problem with this particular missing TSV file.

I’ll keep you in touch with this issue.