BIS daily exchange rate data

Dear DBnomics team,
It seems as if the BIS daily exchange rate data are not being updated automatically on DBnomics (BIS/xru_current). They currently stop at 26 April, but on the BIS website data are available until 25 May.
Thanks a lot,

Add-on: the same issue arises for BIS/eer.

Dear Julia,

Thanks for your message. We have spotted a problem in the fetcher for BIS indeed.

Cf Conversion fails for some datasets (#1) · Issues · dbnomics-fetchers / bis-fetcher · GitLab

I will keep you informed when it’s fixed.

Hi Christophe,
At the risk of coming across as overly impatient (apologies!), I was just wondering if this issue will still take a while to fix. In that case, we might need to look for an alternative source, so I was wondering if you could give a rough indication of how long the process might take.
Thanks a lot!!

Hi Julia,
I am glad you asked! However I am sorry but I could not complete that issue. I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done in the next couple of days.

Thank you for your patience!

Thanks Christophe for the fast reply !

I’ll be patient then :slight_smile:


Dear Julia,

BIS datasets are updated since yesterday (e.g. this daily series has a latest value for 2022-06-13).

However, bad luck, the structure of the CSV files changed again as of today so it may not update for a couple of days. I’m going to make it easier to adapt.

I have updated the conversion script of the BIS fetcher to be more resilient and easier to update when reacting to provider data changes.

I adapted the script to the new CSV data format and, as a consequence, some dimension codes changed (I chose to follow the codes of the provider, instead of keeping backwards compatibility by maintaining the old ones).

You may have to update some of your source codes. Please ask for help if needed, I will try to smooth the transition.

Thanks a lot Christophe! Indeed, I had to adjust some of the codes to accommodate the new column names, but that was fast and easy. Everything is running smoothly now, thanks a lot for your help!

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