Monthly USD FX rates from BIS missing

I previously downloaded monthly USD exchange rates from the BIS:
rdb(“BIS”,“xru_current”, mask =“M…A”)
However, when trying today, they only exist in daily format in DBnomics (despite being still available at the BIS at monthly frequency):
rdb(“BIS”,“xru_current”, mask =“D…A”)
Is this a temporary bug or will the monthy rates be again available in DBnmics?

Hello Julia,

The fetcher for BIS was updated a couple of days ago to adapt to the new website.

Maybe there was a regression, we’re going to check and fix this.

We’ll keep you informed.

Thanks a lot Christophe! I started working with the daily data in the meantime and indeed a couple of variable names changed in response to the BIS update…

Hi Julia,
the problem is corrected. Annual, quarterly and monthly exchange rate data are back.

Perfect, thanks a lot, Michel!