BIS vs. DB.nomics data discrepancy

I note a discrepancy between BIS debt securities data on BIS site and on DB.nomics. I can’t understand where the difference comes from and would welcome your help in correcting it.
For instance DB.nomics series: BIS/debtsec/Q.3P.FR.1.1.C.A.A.EU1.A.A.A.A.A.I | DBnomics
should match this BIS series (on BIS website):
BIS Statistics: time-series details Q:FR:3P:1:1:C:A:A:EU1:A:A:A:A:A:I

They provide different numbers. Initially I thought this was a foreign exchange issue, but that does not seem to explain the difference.
Glad to hear your explanation.
Thanks & regards

OK, seems confusion between ‘issuer residence’ and ‘issuer nationality’ which explains the difference. Apologies.