Data for NBB (National Bank of Belgium) is not updated since long

Hi Team,

Updates for NBB is pending since long (it was last updated in Feb, 2023). Could you please update that asap?


Hi Team,

Any update on this, please?

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Hi @pritesh and welcome to the DBnomics forum :slight_smile:

Indeed the NBB fetcher is currently broken. I’m going to try to fix it today, I’ll post updates here.


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Hi @cbenz, I see - thanks for the response. Just to confirm explicitly that otherwise it fetches the NBB data real time (as soon as NBB releases it), correct?

When the fetcher is OK, NBB data on DBnomics is updated every day by fetchers, Python programs that are automatically scheduled daily to download and convert data.

As a consequence, it is not realtime. There can be 2 sorts of delays:

  1. the delay between the publication of new data on provider side, and the next execution of the corresponding fetcher
  2. the delay due to a failure of the fetcher, needing manual intervention

See also: Fetchers - DBnomics

For data providers that publish a log of updates (e.g. INSEE, Eurostat), it is way easier to fetch that log only every hour, and trigger the fetcher only for data that was updated since the last fetcher execution.

Perfect! Thanks for the details @cbenz

Dear @pritesh ,

I had to rewrite a part of the NBB fetcher to adapt to new constraints of the provider infrastructure.

Now NBB data is being updated on DBnomics, the process is ongoing (cf pipeline).

I’ll tell you when it’s finished.

The pipeline has finished. NBB data is updated on DBnomics: NBB | DBnomics

Please tell if something is missing.

Looks good - Thanks Christophe (@cbenz ) for updating it.