ECB/QSA update: 2019Q4 data

Thanks for the great work with dbnomics!

I was wondering when then ECB/QSA dataset will be updated. Altough, it seems like the ECB data get updated quite regularly, the ECB/QSA data were apparently last updated on March 4. Given that the 2019Q4 data are already released for a while in the ECB Statistical Warehouse and other ECB datasets have been updated much more recently, it would be great to hear when the next update is scheduled.

Perhaps, I missed some restructuring of the ECB datasets on dbnomics. I noticed that the QSA dataset is not anymore listed among the ECB datasets.

Any guidance on whether I could expect the ECB/QSA 2019Q4 data anytime soon would be much appreciated!


Thanks for pointing this out. We will investigate ASAP and get back to you.

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Hi Michel, thanks again for looking into this!
I was wondering whether you had any update on the issue?

The dataset QSA is too big to retrieve it directly from the API of the ECB, it needs a special treatment. An issue has been created, you can follow it here

Hi Thomas!

I have been following the issue for a while. Thanks for the continued effort to resolve this!

It would be really great if this would work again.