IMF weo

First thanks for your db. It is great and useful.

One point that I do not understand. Why for example for the IMF forecast of GDP ([ USA.NGDP_RPCH.pcent_change ] I can’t access the 2021 years forecast whereas it exists on the ils site (

Moreover concerning the OECD database, this year they create 2 scenarii of forecasts (single hit and double hit). It seems that you just produce the double hit scenario. Why ?

Thanks for your answer and help

We have the WEO forecast for 2021 on DBnomics also{“weo-country”%3A[“USA”]%2C"weo-subject"%3A[“NGDP_RPCH”]}. I don’t understand your problem ? Please provide a url when you ask your question.
For OECD, you’re right, the other scenario will be available today. Tell me if it works.

Thanks for OECD database.

Concerning imf weo I mean (sorry I was not clear) the June revision of their forecasts wich can be found at :

I am sorry but I can’t find the oecd single and double hit scenario. I see only “double hit”.

Now it is :