INE-SPAIN: data missing

The dataset /INE-SPAIN/9130 seems to be broken. If you examine it via many series are listed, starting with
“INE-SPAIN/9130/a.00.051.0.index”. But for this series: (a) clicking on “View chart” shows nothing and (b) clicking on Download and selecting the CSV option produces “Could not find TSV file corresponding to series (‘INE-SPAIN’, ‘9130’, ‘a.00.051.0.index’)”. The same sort of result is produced for all the series on the first page of results, at least.

Thanks again @acottrell for this report. I confirm it’s an error with our INE-SPAIN data.

I created this issue and assigned it to the developer of this fetcher. I’ll keep you in touch.


Thanks for working on this. Dbnomics is getting better every day!