Problem with IPI data from INSEE


I am trying to download the last figures for the French IPI from ‘INSEE’ provider and the database ‘IPI-2015’ and I cannot donwload the January 2019 figures for the ‘CVS-CJO’ correction. Other units are available but non ‘CVS-CJO’.

I think there is an update issue.

Thank you very much!


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your feedback, the problem is currently addressed, it will be fixed as soon as possible.


I can see CVS-CJO here:{"CORRECTION"%3A["CVS-CJO"]}

For example this series is CVS-CJO. But I agree that the last observation is for 2018-12 (the value is 106.68). For BRUT (this series) the last observation is also for 2018-12.

So I’m not sure to understand your question?
If you provide more information like the URL of a series it could help us reproduce the problem.


Some series are available until January 2019 example while others have not been updated.

Insee has published the data for January last 03/08/2019 (

Is it more clear?


Yes thanks for the information complement!

We import data from INSEE via BDM.

The 2019-01 observation for the series you talked about is displayed in DBnomics as well as INSEE, that’s OK.

For this series I can find the 2019-01 observation on INSEE website here but as you said, not in DBnomics.

We’re investigating, and keep you in touch.

Just to be clear the data I’m trying to download via DBnomics is

I think there is some problem with your links with BDM for [NATURE] = [INDICE] while [NATURE] = [VARIATIONS_M] seems to be OK.

Thanks you very much.

For your information, I detected a problem with DBnomics’s fetcher for INSEE, described in


We changed the download strategy of DBnomics fetcher for INSEE. The series we talked about were updated.

By the way, we entered in contact with INSEE about this. More info on this page

Please let us know if you encounter other difficulties. And thanks again for your participation in improving DBnomics.