INSÉE employment data don't seem up to date

It seems that some INSÉE data aren’t updated. For example this dataset stops in 2016:, when we can find data up to 2019 here: Titre | Insee
Perhaps it is due to a change in definition or else (« nouvelle nomenclature »)?
Thank you very much for all your help.
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You will find the same thing on the INSEE website. It is because you’re looking at CNA-2010-EMPLOI dataset. You should look at the CNA-2014-EMPLOI to have updated figures.
Thomas Brand

My mistake !
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Can the 2014 base be added to the provider page ?
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I don"t understand your question. Are you looking for this dataset ?

Yes, I found the dataset thanks to you. But when you browse the provider section and have a look at the INSÉE provider, there is only a link to the 2010 dataset :
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I don’t understand your point. You can find the dataset CNA-2014-EMPLOI if you click on “open all” button here and make a search (in Annual national accounts).

In the category tree, look at

  • Economy - Economic Outlook - National
    – Annual national accounts
    — Domestic employment, hours worked and hourly productivity [INSEE/CNA-2014-EMPLOI]

Thanks a lot Michel!