KeyError: 'observations'

Hello all! When using the API I get the KeyError about observations.

Can someone help me?

KeyError                                  Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-6-246e94271d60> in <module>
     23   return pd.DataFrame({"date": dates, "gdp": values})
---> 25 brazil_df = create_gdp_dataframe(brazil_gdp_data)
     27 # Plot the GDP data using matplotlib

<ipython-input-6-246e94271d60> in create_gdp_dataframe(gdp_data)
     18 # Parse the GDP data into a pandas dataframe
     19 def create_gdp_dataframe(gdp_data):
---> 20   data = gdp_data["observations"]
     21   dates = [d["observation_date"] for d in data]
     22   values = [d["value"] for d in data]

KeyError: 'observations'

Here is my python code (using colab):

import requests
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Send a GET request to the DB Nomics API to retrieve the GDP data for Brazil
def get_gdp_data(country, start_year, end_year):
  url = f"{country}/NY.GDP.MKTP.KD.ZG"
  params = {
    "observations": 1,
    "start_date": f"{start_year}-01-01",
    "end_date": f"{end_year}-12-31"
  response = requests.get(url, params=params)
  return response.json()

brazil_gdp_data = get_gdp_data("BRA", 2015, 2019)

# Parse the GDP data into a pandas dataframe
def create_gdp_dataframe(gdp_data):
  data = gdp_data["observations"]
  dates = [d["observation_date"] for d in data]
  values = [d["value"] for d in data]
  return pd.DataFrame({"date": dates, "gdp": values})

brazil_df = create_gdp_dataframe(brazil_gdp_data)

# Plot the GDP data using matplotlib
plt.plot(brazil_df["date"], brazil_df["gdp"])
plt.ylabel("GDP Growth (%)")
plt.title("GDP Growth for Brazil from 2015 to 2019")

Look at brazil_gdp_data:

>>> brazil_gdp_data
{'_meta': {'args': {'end_date': ['2019-12-31'], 'observations': ['1'], 'start_date': ['2015-01-01']}, 'version': '22.1.9'}, 'message': "Invalid value {'observations': '1', 'start_date': '2015-01-01', 'end_date': '2019-12-31'} (dict): additional properties: ['start_date', 'end_date']"}

You want


instead of gdp_data["observations"]


Are you aware of the dbnomics Python package, a client for DBnomics API? Cf DBnomics · PyPI

Thank you @MichelJuillard

In fact, I didn’t know. Thanks.