Observations=true not always respected

When using the v22 API with path /series/provider_code/dataset_code/series_code_mask
it seems that the observations=true flag is not being respected. Here’s a specific example:


Three CPI series are found – for France, Germany and Belgium – but the returned JSON contains no observations.

Hi @acottrell

Before investigating further I would suggested that you use “observations=1” which is what we do from the UI.

But perhaps the problem is specific to this dataset.

I’m going to check and tell you.

Thanks for your report anyway.


The link you provide seems to work now.

We experienced a server failure 2 days ago. We switched to our pre-production server to provide the service. This could explain your problem.

The server was back on tracks and we switched back the traffic to it.

You should have to wait a couple of hours maximum for the DNS (domain name system) to propagate the information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you experience any further problem let us know.

@cbenz: Thanks, I can confirm that this is now working again, the observations are included OK.