METI (JP) provider was not updated since 2020-01

Last update for METI | DBnomics was January 2, 2020

Dataset: METI/iip | DBnomics is not available at all.

Is it possible to resume ingestion of these indices?
According to status.jsonl · master · dbnomics-source-data / meti-source-data · GitLab
the last failure was caused by File is not a zip file error.

It seems that source web( has data available in zip file so I’d expect that was just some downtime on provider side.

Can this dataset be reingested?

Hi @k_spaceknow,

Thanks for noticing us. We look at the issue and come back to you later.


Thank you very much,
I’d be really grateful for an update of this dataset :slight_smile:

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Also I was able to successfully run code in dbnomics-fetchers / meti-fetcher · GitLab locally and it seems to be downloading data correctly without any change in the code.

Hi @k_spaceknow,

METI data has been updated. Data from iip dataset are also availabe.

Thanks for using DBnomics,


Everything works now as expected!
Thank you very much for the quick response.

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It seems that the dataset Dataset: METI/iip | DBnomics is not available again.
Was this done on purpose?

Sorry for the delay.

No, this is not on purpose. The IP address of one of the DBnomics servers was apparently black-listed, and we contacted the METI organization to find out why, but no answer yet.

You can track that issue at Fetcher METI doesn't update DBnomics (#604) · Issues · dbnomics-fetchers / management · GitLab