[NBS] National Bureau of Statistics of China provider was not updated since June 28, 2020

Last update of https://db.nomics.world/NBS was June 28 2020.
Through https://data.stats.gov.cn/english/easyquery.htm?cn=A01 it seems like it’s still updated at the source.

Can this dataset be reingested?

Edit: There is no status json in : dbnomics-source-data / nbs-source-data · GitLab so I am not sure why ingestion stopped.

Hello @k_spaceknow ,

Thanks for contacting us!

There is an issue explaining all the problems we have encountered with NBS data.

To make short, NBS website does not allow the download of big data streams which makes our download procedure fail all the time. That is why we need to specify which NBS data we want so that we don’t make to many requests. Please tell us on the issue what data you use so that we can download it specifically.

Have a nice weekend,

Enzo Buthiot

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