ESRI (JP) National accounts data not updated

I noticed that the “ESRI National accounts quarterly estimates of GDP” datasets are not updated with the second estimate of GDP and its components of Q4 2020, which happened on March 9th.
It is the case for the GDP datasets (level, percent change, …) and I think for all the other ESRI datasets aswell, quarterly and annualy.
Can you fix this so that the DBNomics series get updated for every new estimate of the japanese GDP ?

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Hi @vd_prev2 ,

Thanks for contacting us!

We are looking into this issue ESRI: some datasets not updated (#970) · Issues · dbnomics-fetchers / management · GitLab.

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Enzo Buthiot

I have the same question about National Accounts of Japan. The first quarter of 2021 is not available on dbnomics, whereas it has been published on May, 18 2021 (first Preliminary) and on June, 8 2021 (second Preliminary).

Will you soon update these data ?
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Dear Sabine,

we hope to have time to look into the issue next week.


The data for Japan National accounts have been update on DBnomics. The data for 2021Q1 are now available. Sorry for the delay