WDI and error from frequency code


We have been using WB WDI quite successfully for some time, but now it complains about frequency code, odd, as data is annual and there is no option to select annual data.

Anybody knows how to get such WDI data ?

best, jack

There was an update of the DBnomics fetcher for the World Bank. This impacted all the datasets of WB, but in the particular case you mention, it seems to be a bug.

Iā€™m going to investigate. Thank you for reaching out.

See also: EMBI data availability - #10 by cbenz

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Hi @jackS0011

The problem has been fixed. The WDI dataset now has values for all the dimensions.

Beware of the changes of the country codes from 2 to 3 letters.

The time series you mentioned is now WB/WDI/A-NY.GDP.MKTP.CN-USA | DBnomics

Feel free to ask for further help if needed, and thanks for your interest in DBnomics :slight_smile:


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Thanks @cbenz for the prompt fix.

I be sure to change the country code.

best, jack

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