API response lacks unit attribute for series


Take https://api.db.nomics.world/v22/series/DESTATIS/42121BM001/DG.GP19-A1004.PRO006?observations=1 as an example. This is currently the second line in destatis-json-data-master/42121BM001/series.jsonl which starts with

  "attributes": {
    "unit": "t"

The API response however does not include the information that this particular series has the unit “t/Tonnes”. The API response only includes the information from the dataset.json file, but since there are multiple different units used in this dataset,

    "attributes_values_labels": {
      "unit": {
        "eur-1000": "Thousands of euros",
        "kg": "Kilograms",
        "number": "Number",
        "pc": "Pieces",
        "t": "Tonnes",
        "unit-app": "Unit as applicable"

that alone is not enough to link the series’ values back to the attribute.